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Social Interactive Training

From in–home dog training to canine boarding and group dog walking, we focus on helping you achieve a calm, manageable canine routine that will make life with your best friend a whole lot happier.

Training is the greatest gift you can give your dog and yourself. It is the first step toward having a successful relationship with the newest member of your family.

Unfortunately, your puppy didn’t come equipped with an instruction manual with easy steps and pictures to follow. Social Interactive Training creates a common language that you and your dog will both use to communicate efficiently and effectively. Scientifically based methods employ Clicker Training as an immediate way to mark the dog’s desired behavior and reinforce it with rewards. Positive reinforcement combined with consistency, is a powerful learning tool that guarantees the success of desired behavior. Your dog will be happily engaged while exercising his mind throughout the entire learning process.

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The excitement of a new puppy or dog that you have brought into your home can soon turn into frustration when you find that some of his habits are less than desirable. When your carpet is soiled, your possessions chewed to pieces, or aggressive behavior, such as nipping and lunging that frightens the children and neighbors, cannot be dealt with, it’s time to take action.

Every dog needs to be trained. A well–behaved dog is a happy dog. And so are their owners! The better behaved your dog, the more acceptable part of your family he will be.

We can help. We create basic training programs that are family friendly and will improve your dog’s manners in just a few short weeks.

No Time for Dog Training or Puppy Training?


No problem. We’ll do the training for you. Our board & train, private dog training, and day–training programs achieve results quickly. In as little as 1 week, your dog or puppy will learn new obedience skills that give you more control.

Overdue for a Guilt–free Vacation?

Go. Relax. Enjoy a worry–free vacation knowing that your best friend is safe, and having every bit as much fun as you are, in our 10 acre enclosed park–like setting.

Need Help Exercising Your Dog?

Allow us to introduce your dog to invigorating fun–filled days in the outdoors. Your dog will join a group of like–minded pups for dog walking, hiking, romping, and field trips, off leash and on.

We offer a comprehensive menu of programs for you to choose from:

  • Obedience Training
    • Santa Cruz Dog Boarding & Training
    • Palo Alto Dog Boarding & Training
    • Private Dog Training
    • Day Training
    • Consultations – to address behavior problems
  • Vacation Dog Boarding – for your young puppy or adult dog
  • Group Dog Walking, Play Dates, and Canine Socialization