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Your pooch is eager to learn. He can be easily trained using food and games as rewards for good behavior. I will teach you command words that will take “NO!” out of your vocabulary, and direct commands that are behavior specific so you and your dog can communicate easily and effectively, without unnecessary frustration.

Saying “no” to your dog might temporarily interrupt and stop his jumping but it’s really not a long–term solution Training takes more than yelling and punishing your dog’s poor behavior. Training is an exchange system. If you teach your dog that good behavior will earn him treats, games, and affection, he will consistently choose to please you and be rewarded. Dogs can only offer one behavior at a time. Therefore, proper training involves teaching the dog an alternate positive behavior to the one we find undesirable. I can teach you how to employ these methods in your daily life.

Humane Dog Training

I feel strongly that dog training has to be humane – based on the psychology of how animals learn – and enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. Humane dog training is about teaching dogs new and alternative behaviors in a way that does not threaten the animal or undermine the relationship between owners and their dogs. I do not use choke chains, electronic shock collars, or punishment methods.

Positive Reinforcement Training – Bring Out the Best in You and Your Dog

At SIT!, we use reward–based training methods that are gentle, reliable, and easy to learn.

Dogs respond to positive reinforcement training because it is fun and rewarding. It engages their mind, peaks their interest, and focuses their attention so they continue learning.

We use simple exercises and rewards as motivation to improve naughty behavior. I keep your dog mentally stimulated with games that teach manners, encourage impulse control, and reduce counter surfing, lunging at other dogs, jumping, grabbing, and mouthy behavior.

We will help you develop a routine that makes exercise, obedience, and good health a regular part of your dog’s routine so he can enjoy more freedom in the community.

Clicker Training – Our Specialty

A clicker is a mechanical device that makes a short, distinct “click” sound. It is an effective, safe, and humane training tool. A clicker can be used to train sharks and dolphins or cats and dogs.

The clicker is an extremely effective training tool because it clearly tells your dog the instant he’s done something right. It’s the canine equivalent of a gold star. Following it up with a reward guarantees he’ll get it right the next time too.

Obedience – The Common Language

Successful training involves not only your dog, but you as well. When taught correctly, obedience becomes the common language between you and your dog. Effective communication is essential and results in a healthy relationship built on mutual trust, love, and respect. It transforms the owner–dog relationship from one of frustration to one of harmony.

Teach Them Early – Teach Them Well

Day Training

At SIT!, we want to help you develop a loving relationship with your dog so you can enjoy a lifetime in his company at home, at the park with other dogs, and in the community.

Puppies develop quickly and respond well to positive reinforcement methods. At 8 weeks of age they are capable and ready to learn basic obedience skills.

But, it’s never too late to start training. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, it’s worth your time and energy to teach the lessons that will keep him safe: a good recall to avoid an injury caused by darting into a busy street; a good “leave–it” to prevent him from picking up garbage on walks; good social skills and leash manners so he doesn’t lunge at other people or animals.