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Dogs are, by their very nature, chasers, runners, and greeters. Watching your buddy track, leap, and dash around outdoors is sheer joy. Indoors is a completely different story. Unruly behavior can be changed by integrating training and exercise into your dog’s daily routine. We’ll show you how.

Fast Track to Successful Obedience Training

We can guide you through private lessons, consult with you on a specific behavior problem, or professionally train your dog for you from start to finish. Our programs are designed to fit your lifestyle so you start seeing progress right away:

Board & Train

Board & train is the key to quick training progress, allowing us to achieve in a short time what might take several months to accomplish in a traditional group class setting. Your dog will receive 4–6 daily training sessions plus opportunities to hike, play, and socialize. He will stay with us in our home, rather than a kennel, so he learns to be part of the family and a polite indoor companion.

Our one and two week board & train programs – appropriate for both puppies and dogs – include:

  • Daily basic obedience sessions at your dog’s level (sit, down, stay, come, leave–it, go to bed, polite leash walking)
  • Socialization opportunities to meet new people and dogs
  • Play–groups
  • Learning games
  • Training hikes on our private, enclosed, 10 acre site

Follow up sessions are included to demonstrate what your dog has learned and to set you up with a plan to maintain his good behavior back at home.

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Day Training

Experience the convenience of having your dog professionally trained at home while you run errands or head to the office. We’ll stop by 4 days a week to train your dog to sit politely, come joyously, and stay firmly in place. You’ll marvel at your well–trained dog. Especially beneficial for puppies who are too young to attend a traditional group class, sessions focus on:

  • Puppy head start (house training, crate training, mouthing, chew training, basic obedience, socialization
  • Basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come, leave–it, go to bed, polite leash walking)

Weekly sessions with you are included to demonstrate what your dog has learned and to show you how to easily integrate your dog’s new skills into your daily routine.

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In–Home Private Training

Why is it a good idea to have us visit you at home? Because observing doggy shenanigans first hand means we can help you stop incessant barking, prevent carpet chewing, and discourage counter–surfing attempts aimed at sampling the pot roast. If you are a new puppy parent, we can set you up for success by showing you how to plan ahead and prevent puppy trouble before it starts.

We offer one–on–one coaching sessions to accelerate training progress and to target these specific behaviors:

  • Puppy head start (house training, crate training, mouthing, chew training, basic obedience, socialization)
  • Basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come, leave–it, go to bed, polite leash walking)
  • Stress–free toe nail trimming and dremeling
  • Swimming lessons and pool safety
  • Impulse control – barking, jumping, grabbing, darting through doors
  • Resource guarding – protective behavior around food and bones
  • Fearful behavior directed toward people and other dogs
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Sometimes a little expert advice is all you need to get headed in the right direction. Our consultation service begins with an initial telephone interview to learn about your dog, discuss goals and schedule an appointment. One hour consultations cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • Tips on settling in with a new puppy or new family dog
  • House training, crate training, chewing, mouthing, home–alone training
  • Behavior problems – solutions, safety, and management
  • Behavior evaluations
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Vacation Dog Boarding

Your destination is an island bliss vacation. Your dog’s destination? A 10 acre “playcation”. While staying with us, your dog is welcome to squeeze in as many activities as his little paws can handle. “Playcations” include:

  • Private indoor bunking on comfy doggy beds
  • New friends and social play groups
  • Daily outdoor activities, games, and hikes
  • Opportunities to rest, relax, and recharge
  • Plenty of extra love and biscuits

Complimentary pick–up and drop–off is included so you’re free to concentrate on packing, unpacking, and popping that little umbrella into your first Tropical Breeze.

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Dog Walking Adventures, Play Dates, and Socialization

Fulfill your dog’s recommended daily allowance for sniffing and return home to one tuckered out pooch. Perfect for the home–alone dog whose busy parents can’t always squeeze in a daily jaunt. Must enjoy making new doggy friends and participating in 2 fun–packed hours with:

  • His own personal adventure guide – a certified dog trainer
  • Playful packs of 5 social dogs
  • Hiking, walking, and romping at local parks
  • Off leash opportunities in controlled settings when safe and appropriate
  • Complimentary pick–up, drop–off, and clean–up
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